Monday, December 1, 2014

Day 17: bookcase

#17 Select a book from a bookcase at random. Read one entire page.

I close my eyes and pull Stephen Elliot's The Adderall Diaries off the bookshelf. I skip past the prologue, which opens with:
My father may have killed a man.
I skip to Chapter 1. Page 13. It does that old fashioned thing where it lists everything that occurs in the chapter in italics up top:
May; Golden State; Suicidal Thoughts; A Year without Speed; Floyd Mayweather Comes Up Short; "Your Guy Just Confessed to Eight Murders"; Lissette; The Part about Josie
It's nonfiction. On Page 13, he writes about taking Adderall, crushing the beads from a time release capsule, trying to write, playing cards instead, going to a party...

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