Thursday, December 11, 2014

Day 26: sense of smell

#26 Improvise sense of smell. Try cooking first!

It's the storm of the century, they say. Certainly it has been raining all day. I brought my herbs in from the fire escape so they wouldn't drown. To prepare for this prompt, I made oatmeal cookies. This may be the first baking I've done in this apartment that I've inhabited for over three years. More often than not, it smells like the onions from the last night's dinner in here. Fresh baked cookie smell is a welcome change. I also had the fire escape herbs handy while I was moving, and a danced for a bit with a mint leaf between 2 fingers.

Some observations:

Smell as a sense gets exhausted much more quickly than touch

Smell is difficult to connect to movement

Smelling is breathing

It's often just at the moment when I first consider ending an improvisation that I start to get interested

The improvisations I've been doing tend to last about 15 minutes

I'm bored with my own movement, but in the same way that I tend to like tonal music, I'm aesthetically drawn to certain movement qualities and lines.

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