Monday, December 22, 2014

Day 35: compile, save, throw out, edit

#35 Compile, save, throw out, edit, draw from 25 - 34.

I've deep in making a piece for the past week, which, wow, it's harder to do this while involved in another project that demands my focus and creativity and planning. And after a couple of exploratory days at the beginning of that process, I am now very much in MAKE THE THING mode. And being in MAKE THE THING mode, naturally, I took this prompt and found the easiest thing to do (easiest being best at the moment) was to make a phrase with some of the bits in and pieces from prompts 25 through 34 (which were mostly about working the senses, for those who haven't been following along.) There is a lot of stuff there, and having been prompted to dig back into it or revisit a few times, I see small fragments that are pleasing in some way. Much more than I used here. Observation: the fragments that I find the most interesting also seem to be the hardest for me to reproduce.

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