Saturday, December 13, 2014

Day 27: sense of taste

#27 Improvise sense of TASTE

I took a couple of gaga classes recently, and one of the things I liked was the focus on connecting to pleasure. In both classes, at some point the teacher prompted us to have a delicious taste in our mouth. Both times, the taste I conjured up was this incredibly sexy triple cream cheese with truffles. It's the most decadent and purely enjoyable taste I can think of. Dancing with the idea of the sexy triple cream truffle cheese did indeed amplify my pleasure.

I considered improvising with imagined tastes for this prompt: the sexy cheese again, or lime, or buttered popcorn or curry. I brought some dark chocolate (85%) with me to the studio just in case. When I got there, it just made sense to improvise with the chocolate. Dancing with dark chocolate slowly melting in my mouth gave me permission to indulge in pleasurable movement. I indulged even further by giving myself music to respond to as well.

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