Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Day 31: sensory improvisation / greenery

#31 Repeat sensory improvisation in some kind of greenery - grass, park, tree...

It's raining and the park is totally empty
Empty like I've never seen it
And I'm charging up the hill like I have somewhere to be
That tree up there maybe
Then I realize
I'm already there
This is the dance
Right here right now
And I slow down a little
to feel my feet on the ground
the resistance every time I lift a foot
the mud suctioning my boot
not wanting to let it go
It makes a squelping sound
I hear it more than I feel it
The sound is the feeling is the sound

I head over to the biggest tree
The not a palm tree tree
I don't know what kind of tree it is
rough bark
I touch it of course
It's stopped raining
but the tree is still shedding
in big voluptuous drops
that sound surprisingly crisp
almost exactly like when you stick your head underwater
and hear fish munching on coral
Just twice a cold drop lands on the top of my head

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