Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Day 24: tea and gesture

#24 Have tea with a friend. Observe gesture.

Mindfulness fail.

I didn't have tea with a friend today, but I had a lunch date booked, and my plan was to observe gesture over sandwiches or stir fry. Instead, I got all swept up in catching up. Damnit. I didn't even remember that I had forgotten until I was in the studio waiting for gaga class to start. So I spied for a minute on another student who was signing up while I was stretching my calves. Observing strangers for something specific (like gesture) is a pretty entertaining exercise. She made loose air quotes, her fingers wiggling several times. My fingers wiggled sympathetically. She wiped at her collarbone with the tips of her fingers. She fanned herself with both hands and smiled.

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