Saturday, December 20, 2014

Day 34: Naming

#34 Make up your own language from 32-33. Practice in naming.

I was at a loss with this one. About a week ago, I accidentally turned an extra page and read this prompt and was like, what the hell does that mean? And with relief, I turned back when I realized I had jumped ahead. I'll understand it when I get there, I figured. But alas, not really. So, I might not be doing this right. It's more of an exercise in defining than naming. But it's something...

activation: Turning on something that is already there.  Excitement.

belonging: Being an integral part of something. Having a place. Or possession, property.

claiming: This is mine. This is true.

curious: need to know more

drifts: wanders, wafts, gentle piles of snow

exploratory: Looking but not knowing what you are looking for. Fingers crawling over surfaces, eyes widening, ears tuned.

familiarity: our relationship the everyday stuff that we don't notice anymore. The water we're swimming in.

headache: an uneven pressure squeezing the front of your head and face

greenery: plants and trees and things, perhaps surrounded by things that are not plants and trees.

luxurious: unnecessary for survival and yet deeply desirable, delicious, pleasurable

layered: everything all at once

lazy: unwilling to exert effort

pleasurable: delightful to the senses or mind. Ex: stretching, a well-constructed sentence, triple cream cheese, skin against skin, close vocal harmonies.

retrospect: looking back (and usually knowing and seeing more)

self-indulgence: being motivated by personal pleasure above other considerations

shadow: a bit of darkness in the light

sniffing: getting stuff into your nose using the power of the nose

space: The not-stuff between stuff.

specificity: it's this. Exactly what it is. Not any of these other similar things.

urban environment: city, people, action, graffiti, murals, transit, trash, businesses, concrete, asphalt, all mushed together.

vulnerability: your soft underbelly exposed and unprotected

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