Saturday, December 13, 2014

Day 28: sense of hearing

#28 Improvise sense of HEARING, but don't use music

This was my favorite day so far.

I loved the way listening to ambient sounds focused my attention and provided countless things to respond to. The hum of the lights or heat in the room, distant voices, motorcycles zooming by, the click of the sensors over the door, something that sounded at first like a basketball, but that I think was actually people jumping in another studio, my own feet on the floor, helicopters and sirens that made me wonder what's going on with the protest. Paying attention to all of this made me feel connected to things even as I danced alone in a studio.  Everything felt more receptive.  Using my ears even changed how I used my eyes. And I was less bored with my own movement. It was spikier in places. It didn't feel like I had to dredge up movement from somewhere inside me. I could really just respond to the sounds I was hearing.

None of the sounds were audible on the video. I stuck my phone out the window and recorded the sounds outside my apartment and added that to the video. Texture!

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