Monday, December 8, 2014


Well, today's prompt involves having tea with a friend, and that is not in the cards or the stars or google calendar for this evening. Instead I'll be doing some movement investigation on the dance floor at Madrone a little later. So, raincheck.

In the meantime, here is what I am thinking about today.

You know how when you are in a new relationship, you can be on your best behavior for some period of time? And in that golden time, you are so charming and funny and sexy. You wear your cutest underwear and lipgloss all the time, and you don't leave clothes strewn all over your apartment, or get impatient and irritable, or spiral into a weird existential funk after crying at the grocery store because of low blood sugar. And you DO NOT FART. But at some point you cannot be on your best behavior anymore. No one can maintain that. Eventually you have to fart.

This project didn't start out in a particularly golden/charming/funny/sexy way. It's warts-and-all documentation of a process. But now I think it has reached the flatulence in the presence of the loved one stage. It's the dailyness of it. Throwing something over the wall every day. I have always resisted things like work in progress showings because I want to present my best work. (I did start showing work in progress to select colleagues during my last big project, and it was difficult and it was great for the work.)

I feel a little exposed. But also kind of comfortable.

Hey, could you pop this zit on my back for me?

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