Friday, December 26, 2014

Day 37: adapt and wear

#37 Adapt ideal of 36 to what is available and "move" whatever you've saved from 21-23 in costume

Typing this now I realize I didn't read the numbers right. I was meant to move what I had saved from 21-23, which in turn were: revisiting material from 15 ("rabbit hole"), compiling from 17 (select a book), 18 (improvisation from the text of 17), and 20 (a drawing). Maybe pulling this now comparably ancient material might have been more interesting what I did, which was to pull the saved material from 35 (which was itself drawn from 25-34). Perhaps I heard the prompt I wanted to hear. Now my head is spinning a bit from all of these references to days past.

In any case, what was fun about the costume was the sleep mask component. I don't own a sleep mask, so I fashioned something out of a necktie and moved my phrase blindly.

I like this story in stills, but there is video, too

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