Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Day 32: writing

#32: Write about (25-31)

Seven days of improvising with the senses.  Looking back...

The day improvising with touch looks the most exploratory in retrospect. My hands reaching out in search of something. My upper back curious about the feel of the floor. It's all sensual and luxurious.

The day of improvising with smell looks like other days when I danced in my apartment, but the sound of the sniffing is an animal sound. My eyes look a little lazy. I see myself trying to find whatever this is. Smell is hard to engage with actively and continuously. It fades into familiarity so quickly. Trying to smell changed the way I breathed.

The day of improvising with taste  is not too interesting to watch for the most part. It was about giving in to self-indulgence and I remember it being pleasurable.

The day of improvising with hearing has some bits of movement that I actually find interesting. Tempos and initiations are different. Paying attention to sounds enlivened my awareness, like my whole body was pricked up like a horses ear twitching back and forth, catching the sounds.

The day of improvising with sight forced me back into my apartment. I tried to take it in, but was so tired of my dancing and particularly in this space.

Then came the day of combining all of the senses and going out into an urban environment. And after that came combining all of the senses and going amongst greenery. Both were full of sensory information, but the thing I rode on top of all of that input and my responses was a feeling of the vulnerability of being out in the world.

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