Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Day 68: Choose 1-5 structures to organize/apply to any of "saved" material (part 1)

#68-70 Choose 1-5 structures to organize/apply to any of "saved" material

I haven't really been saving anything. Not in my own body, anyway. But there has been a certain accumulation of stuff. Since I have 3 days of applying and organizing saved material with my structures, I'm taking this first day to just take stock and spot some potential material to save. Hallelujah it will be saved!

So, below are my notes to myself about some possible material to work with. But before we get to that, can I just say I'm totally overwhelmed?

I am totally overwhelmed.

I began this project in the fall after I had wrapped up all of my other projects for the year. Now here we are mid-winter (no seriously, it's winter), and I'm two thirds of the way through this wonderful mess, and I'm also suddenly deep into working artist schedule, complete with acting classes and rehearsals and drag numbers to plan and shows to produce.

Deep breath.


Ok, so I think what's going to happen is the 100 days days are going to get a little more spread out. Something like 2 times a week until my google calendar looks less  like some sort of abstract expressionist painting. Because I love this project, and want to continue to approach each day wholeheartedly, but at the current rate, I may not be able to love it. Turns out I have only so much love to give (per day).

Phew! Ok! I feel better. Don't you?

Back to the task at hand...

The organizing structures
I think the most likely organizing structures will be Day 61 (the abstract tarot cards) and/or Day 63 (a kind of narrative with tangents)  and/or day 65 (super simple ABCB) and/or Day 64 (shaded lines of different thicknesses)

The "saved" stuff
Day 56 (shedding dance)
:30 bent forward stuff
1:20 bootie hikes through arch
1:45 head swirl to arm flails
2:22 lunge to knee wiggles
3:05 conductor fingers to hands on waist turn

Day 55 (improvisation from list of stuff on my mind)
:44 cross legs
2:24 keyboard fingers / mouse hand
4:35 spazzy

Day 48 (rabbit hole/funny walks)
The funny walks. I love a lot of this. Also just watched it at double speed and it is so much more fun that way. Maybe I should repost the video.

Day 47 (rabbit hole/bed)
2:10 throwing sheet and laying down
2:40 nose wipe to sitting
3:45 pulling the sheet one way and another

Day 45 (potential rabbit holes)
day 40 stuff

Day 35 (a phrase!)

Day 21 (revisit rabbit hole)

Day 13 (another phrase!)

Day 9 (yet another phrase!)

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