Sunday, February 22, 2015

Day 75: Day of Rebellion

I suck at rebellion.

I misread this prompt at first as: Day off - rebellion. And maybe that's what I did. We see the prompt we want to see. It was not a dance day. That much seemed clear. The idea of dancing rebellion... well now that I think of it, sounds kind of great. But not for today.

Maybe rebellion isn't appealing to me at this moment because I like the set-up of my life. I LIKE doing the structured stuff. I like meditating in the morning for 10 minutes. I like doing homework for acting classes and going to rehearsals and being (semi) productive at my day job. What am I going to rebel against here? Ah, privilege.

I ventured out of the house mid-morning, and immediately came across an angry man kicking over a garbage can. It seemed like a good start. Rebellion! Thwart the tyranny of upright trash cans! And then I just proceeded to have a wonderful day including a bike ride to Sausalito and fried chicken. And maybe that's a kind of rebellion against my very productive lifestyle. Plus, I rode my bike through the mall. Just Embarcadero, not San Francisco Center. That's just crazy.

Yeah. I suck at rebellion. Not going to get into deep contemplation on how that reflects on my standing as an artist. Fuck it.

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