Monday, January 5, 2015

Day 45: potential rabbit holes

#45 Locate events/moments for potential rabbit holes from (38-44)

I started reading / looking at / experiencing Lynda Barry's Syllabus yesterday. Inspiring stuff. It makes me want to switch to "by hand" documentation in a notebook, but I will persevere with what I have begun here...

From #40 
  • Falling, especially jumping-falling and turning-falling (starting around :30). 
  • Wiggly walking bit (around 3:21)and the jumpy wiggly bit after. 
  • Generally. the buoyancy of dancing in sneakers and the difference between shoes/no shoes
From #41
  • Arranging small objects
  • Billowing sheets
From #42
  • Parker's tiptoe walk from the 2nd improvisation (starting at :32)
  • Shifting bodies on the floor from the 2nd improvisation (1:54)
  • Traveling through space with someone in a crawl with a lot of resistance from the 3rd improvisation
From #43
  • I do not think it is wise to go into a rabbit hole with whiskey
From #44
  • Painting inkblots!

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