Friday, February 13, 2015

Day 72: bake something

The second batch of cookies is out of the oven. There's about a cup and a half of batter left, and I pretty seriously considered just eating it. But no, I won't. That's not what this is about.

So what is this about? A couple of things, I think. It's an opportunity to step back from preciousness. So you've been making art, huh? Well, make some cookies. Same difference. The other side of this coin could be approaching the act of making cookies like a creative process. (I don't find baking particularly creative, which is maybe why I'm not much of a baker.) Somehow it seems like if I had made bread, this would all be more poetic and earthy and meaningful.

But really the thing I love about this one is the space it created. Maybe this is on my mind because I've been rather busy and trying to do lots of productive things. And perhaps also because in my audition technique class, we've been talking about self-care and taking care of the creative/artist self. I'm inwardly rolling my eyes subtly at this last sentence, but I don't think I should. So today, between work a quick date before rehearsal, I was going to work on my drag number, monologues, send some very important emails. But I opened my 100 days booklet, and it said "bake something", so instead of doing any of those things, I put on some music (Karen O's soundtrack for Where the Wild Things Are) and baked some fucking cookies. Feels great.

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