Sunday, November 16, 2014

Day 9: "best of"

#9 Select "the best of" 5-8 and organize into a phrase

I inwardly groaned a bit when I read this prompt. Then I proceeded to put it off. I washed clothes, bought groceries, read short stories, watched a videos of tango dancing and a dog on a trampoline. Doesn't Christy hate making phrases? Or at least have mixed feelings about making phrases? (Despite the fact that to all outward appearances, she could crank out interesting movement phrases all day long.) Today I also had mixed feelings about and resistance to making a phrase.

I finally settled into it. I had done a lot of the work of sifting through the material on the earlier days, when I plucked out interesting bits of the videos to include here and here and here. I looked back through them and was most interested in the kind of stiff and linear "frame" movement from day 7, and some of the more flingy key and parasol movement from day 5. I started learning and adapting the movement from the video and putting things together. I remembered I sometimes like making phrases, particularly when the stakes are low.

So, here is the first official phrase of my 100 days in all of it's 1-minute glory. While I was putting it together, it felt kind of Trisha Brown-ish, but watching the video, it doesn't look that way at all. I also noticed that a couple of movements, when codified, lost some of the quality that interested me in the improvisations. The space constraints of my studio apartment also influenced the phrase. Not in a bad way, but this would have been a nice day on which to have access to a larger space. But we must make do.

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