Sunday, January 25, 2015

Day 59: evolving repetition

#59: Practice "evolving" repetition for 5 minutes

 This one feels organic and hypnotic. Hypnorganic?

Another practice I wouldn't mind revisiting. Perhaps not at midnight next time.

Side note: I came close to doing this at the music concourse at Golden Gate park. I was there for a Segway tour, of all things (which, side note to a side note, is an interesting way to find out where your weight is). I was early for the Segway thing, so I walked around, stood on the stage awhile, walked around through the benches and weird stubby trees, watched the birds, listened to people talk. It seemed like a great place to dance, but there were all of these PEOPLE people around. Normal people doing normal things. I got shy. This thing, this feeling of needing to be legitimized by a space or or an event or a group, is so strong. 

The entire time I was wandering around suppressing the urge to dance, there was this old guy, this maybe Chinese, maybe Filipino, maybe whatever old guy with a boombox dancing at the top of the steps. Dancing. His dance was just stepping from foot to foot, elbows swinging back, but he was going for it. When YMCA came on, he sang along. He did not require permission. Someone dropped some coins in his upturned hat. I, on the other hand, do most of my dancing lately in my bedroom. It's weird.

I started a couple of acting classes this week, and I'm put in mind of something one of the teachers asked. Did you put yourself in an acting class to be seen? Or did you put yourself in an acting class to hide? I am considering whether this is an interesting question to apply to art/performance making practices more generally, and mine more specifically.

Okay, enough side note. Here's evolving repetition:

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