Monday, January 19, 2015

Day 54: Make a list of stuff that is on your mind

  1. I cross my legs A LOT. Is this affecting my neck?
  2. I'm afraid that everyone I like or love is going to leave the bay area because it is TOO EXPENSIVE
  4. Why am I always trying to get things done?
  5. When I wear my new glasses outside, I forget that they are not sunglasses, and I stare at people more blatantly than I otherwise would. I have looked more strangers on the street in the face/eyes with no ill effect.
  6. Possibly I am trying to do too many daily practices
  7. Lynda Barry's Syllabus
  8. I am very dependent on my computer for my artistic projects, considering that I am ostensibly a body-based artist.
  9. Anxiety about neck
  10. Doing a thing is totally different from thinking about a thing
  11. What would it mean to really not try to IMPROVE MYSELF?

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