Thursday, January 15, 2015

Day 52: observe movement

#52 Go to a cafe or taqueria and observe movement for 1 hour

At Borderlands, a.k.a. the cafe around the corner, a.k.a. the sci-fi cafe, a.k.a. my favorite cafe, a.k.a. the nerdiest cafe in San Francisco, from approximately 6:25-7:18pm, the following movements occurred:

Youngish guy pulls his hair up into a ponytail

Older guy digs into the front pocket of his sagging jeans. He turns away from the counter to walk away, then turns back and says something to the barrista

Young woman working at the cafe walks briskly and efficiently across the room to clear dishes from a table. Her narrow hips swish very slightly.

A guy carries something long and heavy in a custom bag. He has a bounce in his step, but his upper body is a little slumped and his chin is tilted slightly up.

Two women shift their things on the table top minutely to indicate making room as another woman approaches

Man opens door, quickly backs up and closes it again. Then, satisfied, re-opens the door and enters. Inside, he leans casually against the counter on one elbow. Later, two elbows on the counter and right knee popped.

Cafe worker guy crooks his elbow and points with inflated chest

Man sidesteps to sit in archair

Guy comes out of bathroom and subtly checks fly/belt

Owner makes 2 tentative thumbs ups

Cafe worker makes arm waving gestures as he recounts his failure to explain something properly

Owner takes a swooping step on his left foot to answer a question after he has started to leave

Guy sitting reading pulls at his sideburn with a thumb and 2 fingers

Counter leaning guy returns to counter, not leaning, but rubbing his lower back under his belt line, inside pants, pulling his shirt up a little in back in the process

Ponytail guy, seated, leans forward to scratch his ankle, and drops his head for a moment

Guy browses magazines, hands in pockets up to the knuckles and one foot in front with just heel touching the ground

Cafe worker guy moves mugs from a higher shelf to a lower shelf, 2 by 2.

Woman pulls scarf up over her face briefly, while listening

Man makes slight shoulder shimmy and repeated palms up gesture while talking

Woman walks with her arms by her sides, hands slightly flexed at the wrist

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