Friday, January 2, 2015

Day 39: Write a song

#39 Write a song.

I was away at a zen retreat for a few days, but managed to do a few prompts while I was there. I'm posting them after the fact. Those who are following along closely will notice that day 39 is the same prompt as day 38. Another song!

I am, in general, a fan of repeating exercises or tasks or prompts, with no change to the instruction. When I was given the opportunity to do some artistic exploration and experimentation through the Sandbox Series at ODC, one of the most fruitful exercises was having the dancers create phrases from a piece of text, then having them do that exact same task three more times in a row.

Here is the fruit of my second foray into songwriting:


When the days get too short
And your life is so long
And your sitting alone in the dark
Sing the Solstice Song
to yourself
It's a solstice song

It's the longest night of the year
The day flew right by
And I don't want to hear it
I know the light's coming back
Tell me do you think that dawn's gonna crack
before i do

The Solstice Song
Sing yourself a solstice song

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