Friday, January 23, 2015

Day 58: True Repetition

#58 Practice "true repetition" for 5 minutes

Put on Io by Dawn of Midi to help track the time and inspire repetition.

Try out a couple of movements and then settle quickly on this sequence:

Begin in turnout, feet just slightly apart, left foot slightly ahead of the right.
Sweep right found around on floor.
Send tailbone back, dragging right foot back through parallel to end behind left foot.
Turn out right leg.
Lift left heel and pivot left leg in to parallel while arcing out to the side then around to the front.
Place left heel down as arm arc finishes.
Turn out left leg to return to starting position.


As you repeat, think about how to talk about this. Try to stop thinking. Remember doing the same task with R during her 100 days. Note how it is different this time. Wonder if you should have been filming. Decide it doesn't matter. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Be reminded of running. Worry about everything you need to get done today. Just do the movement. Repeat.



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