Monday, November 10, 2014

Day 3: Collect 5 items

I ended up gathering items that did not come to me by way of purchase. I'm guessing they will come back into play on another day soon.

item #1
Keys. The keychain was given to me 10 years ago, and is now both an utterly ordinary everyday object and a kind of talisman. Also, I spend approximately 4% of my life searching for these.

item #2
Bark. Maybe from a madrone? I picked it up on one of many hikes I took during a Djerassi residency. The bark had peeled off in these big strips and curls and was all gorgeous and wet on the floor of the woods. Taking it was probably some kind of attempt to bring some of the magic of that place home with me.

item #3
Necklace. R bought it for me at a supermarket in Kauai when we were there celebrating my birthday. At her request/insistence, I wore it constantly while we were there, except when I is was in the water or sleeping. It's made out of some kind of seed pods and weights almost nothing.

item #4
Frame. This picture frame is 2 and a half inches high. It was part of a diorama in a Mugwumpin show. We took the show to Europe and assembled the diorama there. It was full of sundry items - an eiffel tower, a ceramic lion, small furniture and picture frames. After the shows were over, we dismantled the diorama. I pocketed some of the items, including this frame, and carried them with me for the next 3 weeks as I travelled around France, England and Germany.

item #5
Parasol. A recent acquisition. I apparently accidentally nicked this from a lovely wedding where I was a +1.

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