Thursday, November 13, 2014

Day 5: Residue part 1 (roof)

#5-8 Move the residue or echo of (4) in three different environments

Today it rained. It rained! Somehow this seems significant, though when I went up to the roof to do today's prompt, it wasn't raining yet. I raced home from work to beat the dark and the sky was textured with clouds. A roof in the Mission was not a bad place to be at that moment. I brought a couple of the items up (the parasol and the keys).

Dancing on the roof became as much or about the roof and the view of the city all around as about anything else I might have intended. There is a lot to see up there. And hear. Wind, crows, the sound of the street, strange banging noises that I couldn't determine the source of. I peered over the edge and my neighbor was sitting below on his fire escape, and I wondered if he heard me jangling my keys up on the roof where I was not supposed to be.

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