Friday, November 14, 2014

Day 7: residue part 3 (corner)

#5-8 Move the residue or echo of (4) in three different environments

Nobody puts baby in a corner.

But perhaps baby should reconsider.

After yesterday's adventure in the studio, I am back at home for the 3rd day and 3rd environment of/for moving the residue or echo of my items. I squished myself into the corner where I had been keeping the items. It was certainly the most time I've spent in this particular little corner of my apartment. I found it to be a cozy spot. Foldout ironing board on one side, window on the other, kitchen table a few feet away. Calm. Comforting.

Also, I played with Final Cut effects. Perhaps if I slap enough sketches together, I will really learn my way around this program.

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