Friday, April 3, 2015

Day 81: third time's the charm

#80-81 Entire chunk of saved material is passed through filter(s) of your chosen connectivity patters. If you have not saved anything, run another improvisation with them as cues.

More like the third time is, well, just the third time. This was my third time running the trochanter/toe connection improvisation. This time with no music to drive me forward or boss me around. It continues to be a fun connection to play with, though I think I lost some specificity about the body parts and moved from hips and feet. Close enough. I wore my glasses so that I also might think a little more about what my eyes are doing. 

I find myself thinking today about a conversation about effort that I had with Rowena when she was doing her 100 days. Maybe one of her prompts had something to do with effort? She mentioned that she was trying to push herself to use more effort more intentionally in her daily life - bike a little faster, walk a little faster than was comfortable. I'm thinking about this now, because it seems in my improvisations lately, I don't want to exert much effort. There is a certain tempo that it is easy to fall into. I want movement to be easy. I could make excuses for this: recent injuries, and admonition not to sweat until my new tattoo heals, space limitations, age. (In a rehearsal the other day, we were supposed to be showing the effort in the phrase we were doing. I did not have a problem doing this. The other dancer, who is 25, asked "oh, so you want me to pretend it's hard?" Yup.

I don't know that any of those reasons are real reasons. Maybe I just want some ease. Is ease boring? 


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