Thursday, April 2, 2015

Day 80: bony connectivity pattern, again

#80-81 Entire chunk of saved material is passed through filter(s) of your chosen connectivity patters. If you have not saved anything, run another improvisation with them as cues.

Welcome to 100 day practice, Russian River edition.

Even if I had been saving material, I think I would have lost it after the extended breaks I've been taking. So option 2 it is, run another improvisation. Back to trochanters and toes. This time outside, with live accompaniment. Quite a treat.

Looking at this, I wonder what makes me find certain movements aesthetically pleasing, and why I have a desire to do aesthetically pleasing, pretty things. Straight extended legs. That must come from the long ago ballet training. The hiked hip, the dangly flung arms. When did I learn to love those? Long ago. But why?

Also, focus. I remember dancing around and sort of taking things in with my eyes, but feeling shy about where they might land. Is this some version of what an acting called look-at-me-don't-look-at-me? I think an improvisation led by intentional focus is needed at some point.

I think for 81 I may return yet again to trochanters and toes. Again! Again! I labor under the notion that with enough repetition I'll arrive somewhere else. Not sure I have evidence for this belief. Maybe I will try it without music to see what happens when I'm left entirely to my own devices.

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